Our Story

Welcome to Gifts for Urchins. We are so excited to launch our new website and to introduce our lovely gifts for your children, family and friends. With our new philosophy of less is more, we have refined our existing product range to the absolute best sellers and introduced a limited selection of new and simply irresistable 'finds'.

After many years in the fashion business, and following the arrival of my son Herbie, now 9 years old, a change of career was afoot. The early years of Herbie's life were spend travelling far and wide, and while exploring the villages of India, the markets of the far East and the souks of Marrakech, I discovered some beautifully crafted products. The desire to share these products was too enticing and so Gifts for Urchins was born. We really appreciate that our loyal customers have helped us nuture Gifts for Urchins into a growing venture. 

We are passionate about searching for the latest ranges from desirable brands to bring you something different; from beautifully illustrated retro craft kits and fun educational kits, frothy tutus and sparkly shoes,  to vintage inspired nightwear, and the softest rompers in town..all tried and tested! We are also proud to offer you some gorgeous exclusive products.

Our products are handpicked from companies that share our philosophy for all things ethically produced. As well as promoting the best of British, we source original products from around the world.

We do our best to keep our products reasonably priced. We hope you find them affordable not only for grand occasions like births, christenings, and birthdays, but also just for a little treat.

We love all the products we source and we truly hope you will not be disappointed.  

It's great to hear all the lovely things you have to say about our products.  We do listen to our customer's feedback and we are happy to hear of ways that you feel would improve our website or offer a better shopping experience, so please feel free to get in touch!